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Dental coverage is offered through Delta Dental of Virginia at a group rate fully paid by the employee.

Dental Coverage Overview Video

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Dental Plans, Comparisons, and Descriptions

There are three plan options available:  PPO High Option, PPO Low Option, and EPO Option.

For more information, visit this Delta Dental website dedicated to the Norfolk Healthcare Consortium.

Dental Rates

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Dental Programs

  • Healthy Smile, Healthy You  - This program provides individuals with certain medical conditions one additional cleaning and exam beyond the plan’s ordinary limit per benefit period. The medical conditions include: diabetes; high-risk cardiac conditions; pregnancy; cancer being treated via radiation and/or chemotherapy. In addition, cancer patients are eligible for an additional fluoride application beyond the age limitation of the policy. Enrollment s required to access to these benefits.  Health Smile, Healthy You Enrollment Form
  • Prevention First – This program allows you to stretch your annual benefit maximum dollars. Regular, preventive dental visits and preventive diagnostic services (typically x-rays, exams, and cleanings) will not count against your annual benefit maximum amount within a plan year, freeing up the annual maximum so it may be used for other covered services. Enrollment in this program is automatic for all members.
  • – A safe and effective way to receive care and avoid the emergency room. Virtual visits through Delta Dental’s partnership with allows you access to care when you have a dental emergency; need access to a dentist after hours; need to consult with a dentist without leaving home or while traveling. Enrollment in this program is automatic for all members; however, you will need to create an online account the first time you utilize this benefit.
  • Special Health Care Needs- This program provides services for those members and dependents who qualify for special health care needs for intellectual or developmental disabilities. 
  • Right Start 4 Kids® - This program provides 100% coverage for diagnostic, preventive care, basic, and major services, with no deductible when you visit an in-network dentist. 

For more information call 1-800-237-6060 or visit 

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