Rewards for Anthem Medical Plan Participants

Rewards is a feeling you have the resources and autonomy to achieve your goals. 

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Live Well Rewards Credit Incentive Program

The Live Well Rewards Credit program offers an annual incentive that provides a health insurance premium reduction of $120 for employees enrolled in the Anthem medical plan.

This program runs from 9/1/2023 through 8/31/2024.  

  • Points will start to accumulate on 9/1/2023.  It can take up to 60 days from the date of your preventive exam or flu shot to show as completed, as claims-based activities rely on when your provider submits your claim to Anthem.
  • Employees will have access to the My Rewards platform to login or register starting 10/24/2023.
  • Login or register at or the Sydney Health Mobile app.  Locate the My Rewards section of the My Health Dashboard to start earning your 120 points to receive a premium reduction of $120.
  • Anyone who completes the requirements by the 8/31/2024 deadline will be eligible for the premium reduction in 2025.
  • Participation in this program is optional.


Call an Anthem Health Guide at 833-988-2030 or chat with one on or the Sydney Health Mobile app.

Video Demos

The following video demos will provide you with steps to access and how to earn your Live Well Rewards Credit :


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RC Video Sydney Mobile App Opens in new windowRewards via the Sydney Health Mobile app


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How To Access Step-by-Step Guides

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Healthy Activity Menu Options  

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Did you know? Regular checkups and exams can help you stay healthy and catch problems early, when they are easier to treat.

Click on the images below to learn how to use your preventive care benefits and steps to prepare for your wellness visit:

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