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Our bodies were designed to move! It is a proven fact that exercise will make us physically and mentally healthier.  The key to maintaining the health benefits of exercise is by doing fitness activities that you enjoy.  If you enjoy the activity, then you will be disappointed if you miss out on participating, making the exercise habit that much more important to you! 

Explore below and learn why we should move and how to find the Joy of Movement this holiday season!

This month's On Demand Courses:

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Learn how little actions can significantly impact your overall health and wellness in this Physical Habits for Happiness & Wellbeing On Demand Course.

A beginners Guide On Demand Course Link Opens in new window

Learn fitness fundamentals for beginners and tips to create a fitness routing in this Beginner's Guide to Exercise On Demand Course.

Dec Joy of Movement Image
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The Joy of Movement - In this recorded webinar you will explore why what many consider “just exercise” extends far beyond an activity that we view as a chore. Exercise brings us many benefits, but most importantly it improves our physical and mental health. You will learn why exercising with our friends or loved ones can result in may lead to more success and enjoyment in your fitness routine. By choosing activities we enjoy and exercising with friends or loved ones, we can find the joy of moving to increase your social connection, self-expression, and resilience.  

Make your activity plan

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If you are an Anthem medical plan participant, you can take advantage of the Track Your Steps with My Rewards

My Rewards Track Your Activity

To Get Started

Visit the Live Well Program Rewards Credit Page to learn how you can earn an annual incentive that provides a health insurance premium reduction of $120 for employees enrolled in the Anthem medical plan:

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Non-Anthem Participants – Consider using your phone pedometer to track your steps and log it into your favorite fitness app or if you don’t have a favorite fitness app for walking, you can consider downloading an activity tracker.  If you prefer to track your walking manually, here is a free printable walking log that you may be interested in using.

Insight Timer Features

This meditation is about finding and visualizing your happy place.

Insight Timer Happy Meditation

This is a meditation for beginners that will inspire you to look within to work things out and remind you that you can access this happy place anytime.  You will find yourself breathing easier and feeling more peaceful.  Enjoy!

This walking meditation can be done while out in nature or indoors if you are unable to walk outside.

Insight Timer Walking

Combining walking with a mindful practices will allow you to become present, letting go of past or future thoughts, and allowing yourself to be in the now.  Take this lovely 15 minute mindful walk and see how it might ease your day!

Get Insight Timer (app or web)

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Watch this video to learn more about Insight Timer.

Download the app:

1.  Download the free Insight Timer app and create an account with your work email address.

2.  Register your work email using the profile icon on the top right corner of your screen.

3.  Verify your work email and then gain full PREMIUM access to Insight Timer @ Work.

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Access via the web:

1. Go to www.insighttimer.com

2.  Click Get Started (top right corner) to create your free account.

3.  Enter your workplace email address and follow the prompts to verify your account.

Get started with the Step-by-step instructions for app or web

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The 2023 Healthy Holidays Challenge runs November 27, 2023 through January 1, 2024.  This 6-week challenge is designed to help you build small healthy habits with a goal of carrying those healthy habits into the New Year!  

Employees who registered to participate by the November 24th deadline receive a weekly "Healthy Holidays" email with tools and resources to help them stay on track.  Didn't register to participate?  We've got you covered!  Listed below you will find copies of the Healthy Holidays resources to help you start a new healthy habit.

Healthy Holidays Challenge graphic link