Live Well Program 2023

The Norfolk Healthcare Consortium is proud to offer our LIVE WELL PROGRAM!  The Live Well Program takes a comprehensive approach to support employees in seven focus areas: 

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Live Well Program On Demand Library

NEW from the NHC Communications & Wellness Team:  Flexible Self-Paced On Demand Course Collection!                    Take anywhere, anytime!  Accessible from any device!  Topics that support our Live Well Program!

Course Description Live Well Program Focus Area (click links below for more resources)
Diabetes Awareness This course is designed to provide you with information on the basics of diabetes, healthy eating, and exercise tips. Small changes to eating and increasing physical activity can help prevent or delay Type 2 Diabetes. Click here to access this course.   Physical Wellbeing
Fresh Start to Setting Goals to Improve Your Health & Wellness Often times improving your health involves setting goals. Anyone can set an ambitious goal, but how many of us actually end up achieving it? No matter your ambition—whether it’s to build a new skill, start a meditation habit, or exercise more—setting goals is at the root of success. Click here to access this course. Growth
Good Habits, Bad Habits In this course, you'll gain a toolkit for how to break unwanted habits and create new, desired ones, and how to form and stick with habits that work with you, not against you. Click here to access this course. Growth
Stress and Your Heart This course is designed to help you explore relaxation techniques for stress relief and meditation for stress management.  Click here to access this course. Physical Wellbeing

Our custom Live Well On Demand Library is growing, so check back regularly and take advantage of new courses added!