Pharmacy Services 2023

2023 Pharmacy Benefit Changes

  • Great News!  Effective January 1, 2023 we are excited to announce $0 cost for certain medications under the prescription drug plan.  Find out more here.

Medical and pharmacy coverage is integrated with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  Anthem provides your pharmacy coverage with the support of their pharmacy benefit manager, IngenioRx. Enrollment in a group health insurance plan through Anthem automatically enrolls you in pharmacy coverage through IngenioRx. If you need to fill a prescription you have plenty of choices how and where to get your prescription medicine, including pharmacies or convenient home delivery.

For details on prescription copay amounts visit the Pharmacy Drug Coverage page of the employee benefits guide.  For information on preventative medications visit:  ACA Preventive Medication List -  For all plans.

If en­rolled under HSA1500 health insurance plan, certain preventative medications will have the deductible waived and be available at the copay listed in the Pharmacy Drug Coverage page of the employee benefits guide.   If your medication is not on the preventative list, you will have to reach your deductible before the copay is applied.  Anthem/Ingenio Preventive Medication List – Only for HSA 1500.  

Contact IngenioRx (Pharmacy) website or call 833-988-2030