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Find information about your Dental Plan options provided by the Norfolk Healthcare Consortium on this page. 

Dental Care Overview and Rates

Dental Care Plans, Comparisons, and Descriptions

There are three plan options available:  PPO High Option, PPO Low Option, and EPO Option.

Dental Care Programs

  • Healthy Smile, Healthy You Program Information - This program provides individuals with certain medical conditions one additional cleaning and exam beyond the plan’s ordinary limit per benefit period. The medical conditions include: diabetes; high-risk cardiac conditions; pregnancy; cancer being treated via radiation and/or chemotherapy. In addition, cancer patients are eligible for an additional fluoride application beyond the age limitation of the policy. Enrollment in this program is required to gain access to these benefits. 
  • Prevention First – This program allows you to stretch your annual benefit maximum dollars. Regular, preventive dental visits and preventive diagnostic services (typically x-rays, exams, and cleanings) will not count against your annual benefit maximum amount within a plan year, freeing up the annual maximum so it may be used for other covered services. Enrollment in this program is automatic for all members.
  • – A safe and effective way to receive care and avoid the emergency room. Virtual visits through Delta Dental’s partnership with allows you access to care when you have a dental emergency; need access to a dentist after hours; need to consult with a dentist without leaving home or while traveling. Enrollment in this program is automatic for all members; however, you will need to create an online account the first time you utilize this benefit.

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